If the interior is restricted, there is no incombustibility certification when applying non-combustible or flame-retardant paint on site.
Since the certification is assumed to be factory-produced products, it is not recognized as a certified product by on-site construction.

In addition, commercialized non-combustible wood is a material in which a large amount of non-combustible liquid is introduced into the wood in a pressurized kiln. .
For this reason, the materials used for semi-flame-retardant materials for changing the use of existing buildings and semi-inflammable materials for interior design by design are considerably restricted. In any case, under current legislation, general use of wood is not possible and must be replaced by materials sold as non-combustible wood.

Therefore, it is actually difficult to renovate restaurants such as old houses. (※ OK with the permission of the architect.)

If you want to use specific wood in places where quasi-noncombustible materials must be used in new buildings, you need to purchase and install noncombustible certified wood. Construction is not possible without the desired tree species.
Possibilities include the option of non-combustible plywood.
Non-combustible plywood is made by attaching thinly sliced ​​wood veneer on non-combustible dielite. There are many companies that have obtained noncombustibility certification on the premise that thin veneers are attached, so it is possible to manufacture with various materials.
It is said to be unsuitable as non-combustible wood, and even hardwood without certified non-combustible wood can be procured with non-combustible plywood.
By the way, the following is non-combustible plywood with oak (white oak) veneer.

Since the surface is real wood, the texture is the same as wood. And this is a product that has obtained noncombustibility certification, so it can be used in various places. Do you need to pay attention to the design in small-lot processing? This is not wood, because you can see the veneer, aluminum sheet, and dielite stack. It is possible to put a veneer on the fore edge, but it requires cost and consultation to increase the cost.

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