Making non-flammable art works

This is an increasing number of consultations.
A person at a public exhibition event or at an exhibition at a university, etc., asked if the work could be fireproofed or made non-flammable by applying soufa to the work.

In conclusion, it is possible depending on the material.
For example, wooden sculptures can be painted directly. Soufa is neutral and will not damage wood.
The only thing to be aware of is “overpainting”. If you apply too much, a phenomenon called efflorescence will occur, as if the drug was blowing powder on the surface.
However, it can be removed by wiping it with a wet cloth, so adjust it while installing.

The white powder that emerges on the surface in efflorescence is sodium polyborate.
It will be an extra material that could not penetrate into the material, so you can remove it.

Applicable to cloth and paper.
Please use this for processing such as spraying.

Tests are required because the actual degree of combustion varies with each material.
For example, if the cloth also contains synthetic fibers such as polyester, it burns better and the effect of soufa is lower than that of cotton-only cloth.


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