Soufa to make burlap rolls incombustible Burlap roll flame retardant

We sometimes get inquiries from places we did not assume at all that we do business like ours.
That is this case.

The theme of burlap rolls is to prevent fire, flame and fire.
A burlap roll is a cloth roll for camouflaging or camouflaging rifles. Hemp seems to be used. A user who wants to use it in a survival game, etc., does a spark come out with the gun used in Sabage? I had a simple question, but I was apparently in trouble.

In conclusion, flame-retardant materials can be used with burlap rolls. No problem if sprayed. soufa is safe without toxicity and can be used without problems. It can be used in various scenes.

It is easy to use, just spray on the material. The video below is sprayed on a tissue, but it has the effect of making linen, cotton, paper, wood, etc. less flammable.

Non-burnable tissue texture

It’s not to say that it won’t burn at all if you just say it.
It is the ability to extinguish naturally if there is no source of fire without igniting. This is called self-digestion.
Can this be used in a real military? I thought, but we can’t do anything until we get in touch because there is no pipe in defense (laughs)

Making burlap rolls nonflammable and flame retardant is an interesting theme.
We will continue to work on the simple non-combustibility of various materials.


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