soufa which is poly boric acid sodium as a flame retarder of pulp

soufa of the boron system flame retarder acts as a flame retarder of pulp effectively.
soufa is producing the aqueous solution type and the powder type by poly boric acid sodium.

I prevent pulp fiber soufa is hotness-ization and for soufa to possess the nature which foams for example, it’s to foam and cover the pulp fiber which is a paper principal raw material by heat press, and being exposed to a high fever directly.
It can be said the handling is also easy and that the environmental load is also small because there are no cases that soufa brings about poisonous gas again.

It’s non-halogen of course. It consists of only water and poly boric acid sodium.

Brown wastepapers, craft envelope wastepapers, newspaper wastepapers, handbill wastepapers, office wastepapers, corrugated cardboard wastepapers, selected white sugar wastepapers, Kent wastepapers, imitation wastepapers and deed of title wastepapers, etc. can think I can think as the pulp which can be applied.
Application on paper is this.

I puffed into a tissue and made them dry here.

Coating weight is this degree.

It’s a hair dryer whether the degree of spraying makes them dry naturally, and it’s possible to make them dry because the feel of a material of soufa is same as approximate water, and poly boric acid sodium does neither resolution nor volatilization by mineral.
nurikou, gate roll coater, roll size press, film press, blade coater, SHIMUSAIZA, a calendar, a bar coater, knife coater, air knife coater, a curtain coater, sillago sirloin and application k TA spray the one considered as a way, and are for gravure coater, a rod coater, reverse roll coating machine, flow coater and brushing.

I’m thinking the poly boric acid sodium is useful in incombustible giving to pulp.

There seems to be influence which makes pulp be hardened for poly boric acid sodium according to the report I have.
Therefore I think it’s necessary to consider the addition which are softners for industry since depending on flame resisting degree.

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