[Thinking about a large fire in Itoigawa City] Is a wooden house fire-resistant (flame retardant) effective against fire?

Itoigawa Fire was widely reported.
There is a lot of fire news in winter.

A wooden house made of fire- and flame-retardant wood will probably extinguish before it spreads.
Because the skeleton does not burn. A typical wooden house is untreated wood and will burn if a fire occurs.

However, I wonder if there are places where it can’t be prevented if the wind blows into it.

Incombustible wood products are being developed by each company.
We supply flame retardants (fire retardants) for non-combustible wood, but inquiries and purchases from individual users are increasing recently.

Houses made of incombustible wood do not burn out easily. However, there is probably no single-family house whose structure is made of non-combustible wood. Because the cost is high.
Non-combustible wood uses special chemicals to make the wood itself less flammable. Therefore, it is more expensive than ordinary wood.
In general, if you are looking for a house that is difficult to burn, build a house made of concrete or steel. There is no idea to manufacture from non-combustible wood.

But what if costs could be reduced?
What if performance could not be as good as incombustible wood, but could be slowed down and reduced toxins at a lower cost?
This is possible with SOUFA manufactured by our company. The following is a video of the combustion experiment.

At present, construction is done at temples and shrines, but if you paint soufa on the structure and base of the house before building a detached house, the fire like this is a little smaller I think it’s done.
In the case of an existing house, construction is difficult because the structure is already inside the wall, but construction is easy if it is a new wooden house.

The construction method looks like this.

If this makes one house less flammable, you may have more time to extinguish the fire.

There are many densely populated areas in Tokyo, and Tokyo’s policy is to rebuild or demolish houses and increase the road width.
I don’t think there will be a problem if you can do that, but in reality you will not be able to ignore the intentions of the people who live, and rebuilding will be costly. Whether or not the resident chooses it … annoying.

Some non-toxic flame retardants for wooden construction exist.
I hope that such things can be reduced by promoting flame retardation even a little.


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