Water-based flame retardant [SOUFA]

SOUFA is a water-based flame retardant.
In the movie, 300 g of hot water (about 80 ° C) was added to about 200 g of best boron powder to expand sales.
It is difficult to understand because the video quality is unclear, but it has dissolved. It becomes an aqueous solution of approximately 40% concentration.

Increasing the water temperature will increase the clarity.

Soufa 40% aqueous solution impregnated with copy paper, cardboard and tissue.

The impregnation is easy because it has almost the same texture as water.
After impregnation, it was air dried for one day.

I’ll try to ignite here. The texture is hardened as a whole.

Flame retardancy is quite high because of high concentration aqueous solution.

The tissue is hardened. If the concentration is lowered, the effect will not be so far.
On the contrary, I think that the application by curing may be considered.


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