What is the good concentration when boric acid is used as a termiticide?

Boric acid is effective for termites and is semi-permanent due to its inorganic properties.
However, it is not very common in Japan for various reasons and circumstances, and it is a termiticide difficult for end users to obtain.

The raw material boric acid itself can be easily obtained at pharmacies, etc., but since these boric acids dissolve in water at most only about 5% at most, there is a possibility that sufficient effects cannot be obtained even by spray application. .
Concentration-based tests were conducted using our SOUFA at the Yoshimura laboratory of Kyoto University, our advisor.

Strictly speaking, SOUFA is a special boric acid of the type sodium polyborate.
Approximately 16% of ingredients are dissolved in normal products.
Tests were performed at 8% and 12% concentrations to verify the lower end effect on termites.
As a result, even 8% passed the certification criteria of the Wood Preservation Association, but the effect was much lower than that of regular products, so the result was that the product was not considered.

After all, our opinion is that a boric acid concentration of at least 12% is necessary.


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