A boric acid has high effect as a flame retarder for paper.

Please see a lower picture first. I’m doing lighter ignition of the one which applied soufa16 percent concentration aqueous solution newspaper and made them dry.

Newspaper is paper, so it should be original and burns.
But when soufa is applied and dried, incombustibility can be given easily.
soufa is refined only by poly boric acid sodium and water, and a boric acid is a main flame retarder.
I knew that a boric acid is effective as a flame retarder from the past, the nature for which it’s difficult to melt in water was being enough and wasn’t being drafted.

So I succeeded in our making a high concentration aqueous solution with making a boric acid combine specially by an original process. Building becomes easy to the material this can apply now to the various material, and which is the paper system in particular.

When newspaper is usual, I’ll catch the fire and spread immediately, but just to carbonize by the flame resisting effect of soufa, spread and ignite disappears.
A high thing knows the flame resisting effect to the paper by this.

The nitrogen containing system compound, an aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate were being used for inorganic phosphorus ancestry so far as a flame retarder for paper.
Isn’t the day when the boric acid system flame retarder of the new genre is added newly also near here?

soufa is the pure boric acid system aqueous solution refined by a special way. A flame resisting ingredient of soufa which dissolved by the nano level in the water glues together in cellulose of pulp and settles in the material.
The chemistry is good with cellulosic material, so when it’s the material by which cellulose as well as paper are included, you can become flame resisting.


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