Flameproofing and flame retarding of exhibition panels, etc.

There is a demand for flameproofing panels used at exhibitions.
It seems that flameproof veneers are currently used.
Anything that can be produced with them is fine, but there are special products such as exhibitions that were created exclusively for it in a limited time. Naturally, they are not made of flameproof material, so they are flammable. However, the exhibition venue will require that fire protection be applied.

At present, it is not anticipated that the post-production exhibits will be flame-proofed by post-processing, and there is no such technology.
In addition, flameproofing certification basically assumes factory-produced products, so post-construction on site is not expected.

I think soufa can be useful in such a situation.
The video below shows the flames coming into contact with brushed cardboard.

Flame retardancy can be imparted by spraying on products made with a single item for exhibitions.
Since soufa is a highly effective flame retardant for cellulosic materials, it has an excellent effect on paper, cloth, cardboard and pulp products. It is recommended that you first try with the materials you anticipate.
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We have been consulted for use at exhibits such as art exhibitions.


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