Flame retardant for making the sound-absorbing plate non-combustible and preventing fire

You may be inquired as an effective flame retardant for non-combustible, flame-retardant and flame-retardant fire-absorbing versions.
Wood fiber board (mdf, hard board, insulation board, particle board) is used as the material for the sound absorbing plate.

Is there any effect with soufa, which has high effect on cellulose with wood fiber? It is an inquiry.
At present, some of our shipping companies manufacture wood fiber boards, and the results have been reported to be good.
It will be commercialized soon.

Pulp Mold flame retardant

Therefore, we believe that a certain effect can be seen with wood fiber plates.
The bottleneck is often the adhesive. Since the adhesive is flammable, the use of a flame-retardant resin or the like will further increase the non-combustibility.

It is a consultation matter that has been increasing very recently.
It seems that there are many mdf as a material of the sound absorbing plate, but the mdf does not have non-combustible grade.

Not only mdf but also pulp and wood flour compression boards do not seem to be certified non-combustible. We have heard from our sources that some institutions are studying such materials, but they have not yet been commercialized.

So you will use flammable grade mdf, but mdf basically burns.
The raw material itself burns, and the adhesive resin also burns.
Therefore, it is desirable to knead or impregnate the flame retardant at the time of the raw material, but at present there is no such material, so it is necessary to consider post-processing to enhance the flame retardant.

Since soufa is water-soluble, it must be dissolved in water before processing. (There is a possibility that the powder is kneaded into the raw material.) However, mdf is susceptible to water, so it may swell or deform. It is necessary to consider the balance between desired performance and disadvantages.
As a by-product merit, it can impart mold, antiseptic, and termite control properties. Boric acid is effective.

Is the biggest difficulty still swelling? Soufa is soluble only in water, so we need to solve that.

I think the problem will be largely solved if the raw materials are impregnated first and dried.


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